BB Creams?!?! (REVIEW)

4 years ago

BB Creams are probably like the biggest hype for a couple months now. If you didn`t know, BB usually stands for beauty balm or blemish balm. Of course there are other terms for it also, some brands would try to differentiate themselves and stand out more - like L`Oreal, their`s is called the beautifying beads; one of which I`m going to be reviewing today! The two others are called Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream and Skin Food`s Peach Sake Pore BB Cream. So let`s just get started with the reviews!

(I`m starting in the order I got them in, not really a big deal but just because haha.)

1. Garnier`s BB Cream - I was pretty surprised that they came out with a BB Cream, let alone any face product for that matter because they`re generally a hair product brand. But I wanted to give it a try since I heard somewhat good things about it. And at the time, I didn`t know what other brands were carrying BB Creams lol. So it has an SPF of 15. At the time when I saw it, I only saw one shade which was Light/Medium. But they also have another shade which is Medium/Deep. Light/Medium was fine on me, I think it matched my shade perfectly and I`m pretty dark, so yeah! It goes for around $12 and you can get this at your Target or Ulta or somefinggg. First off, it smells really good. Idk, I`m not one to smell all the makeup products I use/have. But I apply this with a brush and after applying it, my brush started to smell like it! Maybe they infuse some of their hair products in this hahaha jk! But it does smell good though. It`s kind of thick compared to the other BB Creams I own. At first I tested it on my hand to see if the color was fine, the consistency of it, and the way it blended and I thought it was amazing. But was I fooled... When I applied it on my face, it took a while to blend out. Maybe because I was using a brush for my face and I just used my finger to blend it out on my hand haha. Could be, so don`t take my word for it! The blending wasn`t bad or anything, it was manageable. The texture on my hand after I applied it was super soft and it felt like it was set it on my face already. But on my face, it left a somewhat sticky feel to it. Like it still felt wet or something. Also, I have really oily skin. Even when I did apply a setting powder, my face would still get oily by like 1pm or 2pm if I applied it around 8am. I`m sure it`s an amazing BB cream for people with dry skin. Maybe combination skin if you`re lucky. But for us oily skin girls - nuh uh. My t-zone was the oiliest it`s ever been when using this.

2. L`Oreal`s Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream - It has no SPF in it, just wanted to add that in since the Garnier one did and I think it made a slight difference which I will talk about later. I got it in a shade Medium and I believe they have four shades - fair, light, medium, and deep. The color matched me perfectly as well. Compared to the Garnier one, it is not thick AT ALL. It`s pretty liquidy in my opinion. Sometimes I wouldn`t even have to press on the tube to get some product out because it would already have come out or something. I was a little worried cause I didn`t want it to be so runny on my face. But when I applied it, it was fine. There`s little beads in it, hence "beautifying beads"... hahaha duh Jackie. I also applied this with a brush. And for the most part, I liked it. It was WAY better than the Garnier one in my opinion. It had no smell to it, sadly :( Lol. And as for having oily skin, I would get oily but not as much as I did with Garnier`s. Blotting my face was the solution to it though. But definitely way way better than Garnier`s.

3. Skin Food Sake Pore BB Cream - Can I just say that this is my HOLY GRAIL for BB Creams, good lord. I was hesitant to try another BB Cream because I had already tried two and was so tired of trying to find a better and somewhat cheap alternative. But I went into Skin Food, and my boyfriend was actually the one who pointed this out to me! (Thanks Justin ^_^) He knows I`m a little obsessed with BB Creams because I`d always walk into some makeup store and go straight to the BB Creams section or something. But never end up buying it because it was too expensive (Sephora... -_-) or... No that`s it, it was just too expensive haha. Enough of story time! Anyways, the bottle doesn`t state that it has SPF but I looked online and it says it has an SPF of 20... Okay haha. They have sooooo many shades, maybe like 10 - more or less. The applicator was super diff too! I thought it was just like a squeezy tube thing like everything else but when I opened the cap, it was a pump! Which is always a plus bc for some reason, having a pump is just more fun... Haha. Although the pump was a little hard to control but that didn`t really bother me. But this BB Cream smells SOOO GOOD. Seriously does smell like peach or somefin. The lady who was helping me at Skin Food was pretty handy dandy too. I had to make sure it was a good BB Cream for people with really oily skin, like myself. And she says that it controls the oils on your face amazingly. And low and behold - she was right. I didn`t get as oily as I did compared to Garnier`s and L`Oreal`s which is a huge plus. It was easy to blend and it had a nice finish to my face - not like a really sticky finish like Garnier`s -__-... But seriously, if you`re thinking of getting a BB Cream, Skin Food`s Peach Sake line is the way to go. It was about $18 so more expensive than the Garnier and L`Oreal but super cheaper than Sephora`s, which are like $40-$50... RIDIC.

At first I thought it was the SPF that made me oily, since L`Oreal didn`t have any and it was a better fit for me than Garnier`s. But now that I know Skin Food`s has SPF in it, then I`m not so sure anymore! But whatevs, satisfied with my Skin Food`s purchase. And they always give free little samples with your purchase too! :) (If you ask... haha.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I know it was super long and I apologize for that! If you have any questions on the three, just comment below! And if you have tried these then let me know how you like (or don`t like haha) them! :)

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