Bay Area Meet Up?

4 years ago

In case you didn`t hear, there`s a LUUUX meet up in the Bay Area on June 30th. Information can be found ------> /viz/bay-area-luuux-meet-63012 If you`re from the area you already know all the hot spots. So let me give you a tourist`s point of view, as I`ve been there many years ago. I`m sure a lot has changed since then but here are a few of my favorite places when I was in San Francisco! 1. Alcatraz - Yeah there`s a TV series of that name now. So much history, the meet up should`ve been here! LOL 2. Chinatown - This is the only Chinatown outside of New York`s that feels like New York`s Chinatown. Which I`m not sure is a compliment or not. LOL. 3. Golden Gate Bridge - It`s just a bridge? Nah, it`s Golden! LOL j/k. The view there is amazing and what`s on the other side is awesome too. Be sure to visit the parks with the ancient trees. 4. Fisherman`s Wharf - I just saw a post on this today. It`s a great place to visit and YES there were lazy seals hanging out when I visited. I hope to visit San Francisco again one day. Though I don`t think I can make it in time for the meet up. =( But if you do, be sure to check it out, hosted by three lovely ladies. Talk the TALK 1) Have you ever visited the Bay Area? What`s your favorite part? 2) Have you ever dream of living in CA with its nice warm weathers? (no i`m terrified that there`s Earthquakes!) Source of pictures: 1) 2) 3) 4)

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