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Oh, my Lord! The movie was so bad that it took me several minutes to shake it off. As far as Im concerning, this movie is a total disaster in every way. The film does not justify in any way its 200 million budget.

For what it offers, the movie is way too long. Two hours may seem a veritable eternity when boredom is installed in the first minutes of the film. In the first half hour, I was convinced that I am watching a comedy, not an action / sf movie. And I will justify my saying this.There were quite a few funny moments (some of them I believe they were not intended to be that way) because of the execrable script and because of some lines that were said just for the sake of being uttered.

There were moments when I tought the director wants to mock his own movie. I am saying this because some of the most intense movie scenes were real jokes. However, there are times when the film manages to recover, the action scenes come into play, turning everything into chaos from which you can only remark the `sensational` outfits of aliens..

The cast distribution was poorly chosen. Taylor Kitsch seems lost playing his carachter, Rihanna doesnt know exactly what shes doing there and Brooklyn Decker managed to arouse my laughters.

Even the main attraction of the film, the special effects, failed to surprise me. I think, most of them were copied from Transformers and the rest were repeated endlessly without producing any show.

The Trailer looked so much better and more promising.

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