Battle of the Eye Primers!

5 years ago

There`s tons of controversy out out there over which eyeshadow primer is the best. The two most popular being Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Urban Decay Primer Potion. I happen to have both, and a few others, so I`m going to give my honest reviews on them.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
This is hands-down my favorite eye primer. This is the only one I have that let`s me blend my shadows easily, and it is also the only one that N E V E R E V E R creases or smudges. There have been times where I have accidently fallen asleep with my makeup on, and the shadow was still there in the morning. Also, this makes my shadows SO vibrant and ahh. Plus, a little tiny bit goes a long long long way.

Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance:
This works just as well at the regular TFSI. The only difference is, that this one is a shimmery, champagne color. You could use it alone as a slight shimmer, or with other similar eyeshadow colors.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original (Purple):
This primer, as much as it is hyped up, I cannot stand it. At all. Everytime I use it I get SO frustrated. My eyeshadows don`t blend at ALL, and within a few HOURS my shadows are already creasing and smearing off. Also, this has a really oily feel to it and takes a while to sink in. I give it chances every now and then, but I really don`t like it. Also, my shadows never look as or more vibrant than they are. This crap is useless.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden (Beige):
This primer sucks just as much as the Original. The only difference is that this one is supposed to be mattifying. I use it sometimes if I need my eyelids to lose their shine for a few hours, for a YouTube video or something. I also use it under liquid eyeliners sometimes (though I see no difference). But this is also pretty useless.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin (Bronze):
This is just like the Original formula as well. Bad. Really oily and useless. Also, the bronzey color of it is way shimmery and awefully ugly. I just plain don`t like this one either.

E.L.F. Eyelid Primer:
Is is actually basically EXACTLY like Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original. Except $1. So, I really don`t like this much either. I guess if you want to try UDPP for cheap, try this. Honestly there is no difference.

Benefit Stay Don`t Stray:
This is probably my second favorite primer. This works pretty much as well as Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but it`s a little bit thicker and a nude color, not sheer. So it doesn`t work with every color. The cool thing about this primer is that you can use it for priming concealer too. I used to do that but I always forget to now lol.

So what is your favorite eye primer? xox

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