Battle of the BB Creams amp Tanned Skin Tip!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! This is my long overdue review on the differences between arguably the two most famous BB creams as of late; the Skin 79 BB Cream in Pink and the Skin 79 BB Cream in Gold, and also a tip for tan-skinned girls on how to make this work for you too!

First, a short introduction on BB creams and how they`re supposed to work. BB creams are Blemish Balm creams, first formulated in Germany to help with protecting and regenerating skin for people just out of laser or plastic surgery procedures. They were largely popularized in Korea by local celebrities and eventually exploded on to the global cosmetics scene somewhere in the middle of 2011, and the craze has yet to show any signs of dying.

BB creams are touted to be a tinted moisturizer/foundation/sunbock/skincare magical wonder. As they were first popular commercially in Korea, most of the best-recommended BB cream types are from Asian brands, and usually come in only one colour ie. a pale, milky, slightly greyish colour that is meant to eventually oxidize and suit the colour of your skin.

Unfortunately, and let`s be honest here people, Asian brand BB creams were formulated for Asian skin tones, and if you`re particular about having cosmetics match your undertones or you have tanned skin, you may have an issue with finding a BB cream to match. BUT DO NOT DESPAIR, FOR I HAVE THE SOLUTION, and it`s a fairly simple one at that. You can always blend your BB cream with a foundation that matches your skin tone before applying it. Simple as that! Now, to the review.

Hands down, the Gold BB Cream was the winner for me. In terms of actual ingredients listed, they were totally similar except that the Gold was supposed to contain caviar extracts. However, I found the Gold to be, not just slightly, but very much more moisturizing than the Pink BB Cream. And for a person who spends most of her time in air conditioned places, moisture is key. I have combination skin; which means I have an oily skin zone as well as dry patches on my cheeks and around my mouth, but there were hardly any signs of flakiness or shine after 12+ hours of wear with this all over my face.

So the Gold BB Cream wins on moisture, but moisture alone! Other than that, I found them both to give similar benefits. Coverage for both was even and light. (You`ll still be needing a concealer with BB Creams, as they`re not meant to give so much coverage anyway.) It was enough to cover any enlarged pores (without clogging them!) and any redness on my face. It is a little sticky when you first put it on, but if you lightly powder over the cream after application it takes the stickiness away. They both smell typically of sunscreen, but the smell went away very quickly and didn`t bother me at all. It was comfortable to wear, and I`ve only been removing it with a thorough face wash using a regular cleanser, with makeup removing properties, and I`m happy to report that there have been no signs of clogged pores or breakouts. at all!

Do I recommend BB creams? Are they worth it? Do they live up to the hype? Yes! But be realistic. I`ve not seen any particular lightening of dark spots, and I`m way too young to have wrinkles so I`m not seeing any improvement there. Just don`t forgo your regular skincare routine. BB Creams overall are a good idea for people looking for light coverage, with the added benefits of SPF, without the heaviness of a foundation.

Pink or Gold? Gold! If you`re particularly oily, then go for the Pink! Or you could try other brands. I`ve heard Skinfood`s Aloe Sun is good for oily skin types, but Skinfood BB Creams contain silicones, which some people react to.

So that`s my take on the BB Creams :) let me know if you have any questions.

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