Battle of the BB Creams

4 years ago

I have been using BB Creams for a while and I really like how it can fix your complexion. My all-time favorite BB Cream is from The Face Shop is called Clean Face Oil-Free BB Cream. I love the consistency, light feeling, and full coverage. The Face Shop is quite far from where I live, so I wanted to try other options. I decided to try Garnier BB Cream. Here is my comparative analysis!

The Face Shop-Clean Face Oil-Free BB Cream
Reasons to LOVE...

-Extremely light feeling
-Smooth consistency
-Full Coverage

Reasons to Hate...

- No SPF protection
-Slowly fades throughout the day

Overall, I use this BB Cream for Sundays. This is one of the lightest BB Creams, so light that it feels like you are wearing nothing on your face. I really dislike the fact that there is no SPF, so I always make sure to wear a primer that has SPF protection or wear my daily moisturizer that has SPF. The Face Shop has an entire assortment of BB Creams because Korea was the first place to originate this cream.

Garnier BB Cream
Reasons to LOVE...

-SPF 15- Titanium (lasts very long time)

Reasons to Hate...

-Feels like pottery clay
-Chunky thick consistency
- Face has a shiny wet appearance

Overall, I was extremely disappointed with this product. The only positive about this product is that is contains SPF. I knew that this was a bad cream the moment it came out of the tube. It felt thick and pasty. I felt like I was back in art class making a clay pot. I really disliked how it made my face look wet. (Maybe it was supposed to look dewy but it looked like I just washed my face.)

I am really glad that I tried both products. I am going to stick with my Face Shop brand BB Cream. I think I will try another type of BB Cream that offers long coverage and SPF. I am very disappointed with Garnier BB Cream.

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