Battle of the Balms

4 years ago

I mentioned in my last post about my May birchbox that I have been on a Huge lip balm kick lately, so I thought why not review all the lip balms I have? Don`t get me wrong, I LOVE lip gloss, but I don`t like to wear it when I know I`m going to be outside for a long period of time (imagine putting sun tan oil on your lips and baking them in the sun). I`m taking a couple summer classes while I`m at home, and walking around campus baking my lips does NOT sound cute. As a lip gloss alternative, I`m going to use lip balms "with sheen" if you will. Here`s a few in my collection:

Revlon Lip Butter (shown: peach parfait, pink truffle, berry smoothie, red velvet, lollipop, and sweet tart) - Whether these are considered a lip "balm" or not is debatable, but I think these are more of a sheer lipstick. However, lots of people consider this a balm, so why not? I LOVE THESE! I started off with pink truffle, and as you can see, I have more butter than Paula Deen. But why WOULDN`T you be obsessed? These have very buildable coverage and some start off more sheer than others. They also have a really nice shine to them, so you can skip the gloss on top. Not only does it have Amazing color payoff, these are SO moisturizing it`s crazy! Lip butters do not have SPF, but that can be fixed by layering a clear lip balm that does have SPF under the lip butter. These last for a relatively long time (longer than most lip balms/glosses, but shorter than lipstick)

Maybelline Baby Lips (shown: quench, pink punch, and cherry me) - I can`t lie, I was initially attracted to these because of the packaging (I love color!). I started off with cherry me, and I was pleasantly surprised with the color payoff of this sheer red. Baby lips are definitely more sheer than the lip butters. This is perfect for when I want color, but I don`t want to be too fancy. These lip balms smell just like their names, with the exception of quench (which smells like fruity pebbles cereal to me!). Baby lips has SPF 20 and has a nice sheen to these as well. These are more "glossy" than the lip butters. But, of course, the more you put on, the glossier your lips will appear. Its longevity on the lips is that of an average balm, (about one to one and a half hours) but it makes my lips feel so soft and moisturized I don`t mind reapplying.

fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Duo (shown: sugar and sugar rose) - I got this mini lip duo from Sephora as their birthday gift about 2 weeks ago. This is a high end lip balm that retails at $22.50 each. These sugar lip treatments have SPF 15 and are, in my opinion, the "glossiest" of all the lip balms I`ve ever owned...besides those smackers lip balms I had in second grade (remember those?!) . This made my lips feel SO SOFT and wonderful, but it breaks my heart because I refuse to buy lip balm that is so costly (at least as a broke college student). The rose tinted lip balm is a sheer, true rose color that is absolutely beautiful on the lips. It is more sheer than baby lips, as it is very natural. This one also lasted the longest out of all the ones in my collection. The light lemon candy scent is nice on your lips. :)

FusionBeauty LipFusion balm (shown: clear) - [*disclaimer* please disregard the pink reflection of my phone in the container lol] I received this in my May birchbox yesterday, and I think it is just...ok. It gets the job done, but I don`t think I will be purchasing the full size of this because it is definitely NOT worth $22. There is very VERY fine shimmers if you look closely into the balm in the container, but it didn`t transfer on my lips at all (so what`s the point?). The product also claims to have gentle plumping qualities, which I didn`t notice. This has a natural sheen to it, which makes it a good "layering" lip balm since it has SPF 15. It lasted the longest behind the sugar lip treatment. This smells medicated (very "carmex"-esque, which i`ll get to shortly) and tastes Awful, when your eating for example. I`ll use it since there was no money lost.

Carmex (shown: cherry flavored) - Oh, the holy grail of lip balms. Let me start with saying I HATE how carmex smells, and I HATE how it tastes, but this stuff is SO GOOD for your lips! I really like to use this as a "layering" lip balm because it`s not shiny and it has SPF 15. I don`t like wearing this on it`s own because the finish is awkward. I really like to use this under my revlon lip butters. **Quick Tip: If you have a lip stick or lip gloss that has too much coverage, layer it over a lip balm or clear gloss to sheer out the color**

Bottom line: In my opinion, Sugar lip treatments win the battle of the balms and reign supreme! (ONLY because I don`t personally consider the revlon lip butters a balm, otherwise they would win by a clear mile) The weakest link is the LipFusion balm because there are drugstore lip balms that do the job much better for much cheaper. maybelline baby lips, revlon lip butters, and carmex can be found in drugstores for varying, and more affordable prices. Other drugstore lip balms that I have used that were not reviewed that I like are SoftLips, eos lip balm, and burts bees. Lip balms are often lost and forgotten in the midst of lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip stains, but we can`t forget that lip balms are the foundation for soft, kissable lips :) What are your favorite lip balms? What lip balms do you want to try?


P.S. These pictures were taken by yours truly, me :)

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