Battery Saving Tips on iPhone

4 years ago

Technology has taken over our lives these past years. A lot of people as myself can`t live without my iPhone 4S! I do everything with my phone including posting this post. :) As much as Apple extends the battery life we all feel it`s not enough. Here are a few tips you can extend the life of your battery.

<strong> Lower your screen brightness:</strong> lowering the brightness on your cellphone will save your battery life. The brighter it is the more it will eat your battery.

<strong>HOW TO:</strong> Just head to Settings > Brightness to adjust.

<strong> Use Wifi instead of 3G, 4G:</strong> instead of using your 3G, 4G connection. Try to use any Wifi hotspot to use the Internet. Even though 3G, 4G connection is a lot faster, but it uses a lot of battery life because of its data signal search.

<strong>HOW TO:</strong> Settings > Wi-Fi > Choose a network that`s free.

<strong> Block GPS tracking in apps:</strong> We often like to tag where you`re at, but ever thought blocking the location saves more battery time? Automatic GPS location tagging from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a few examples. If you don`t want to geotag your posts & updates. I suggest you to turn off the GPS.

<strong>HOW TO:</strong> Settings > Location Services > Turn off all locations or just turn off the ones you don`t really use!

<strong> Turning of "Fetch" and "Push" off:</strong> Having your phone fetch and push every minute can kill your battery. How often do you need your phone to remind you what this person is wearing or who`s this person is dating? All of that can be check at home. :)

<strong>HOW TO:</strong> Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Fetch New Data > Manually. P.S. You can also turn off your email and calendar "push" from this screen.

To turn off app "push" notifications, head to Settings > Notifications, then switch to off.

<strong> Shut down apps period:</strong> Opening up a lot of apps is fun, but I bet you didn`t know shutting down the apps save a lot of battery life. Letting the apps run will eat up your battery. :(

<strong>HOW TO:</strong> Double tap the home button to get your app tray. To close the app, hold down the app until it wiggles, and click on the X to shut down.

Well, I hope these tips help you with your battery life. The one I have a habit of not doing is the last tip. Ugh.

1. What kind if phone do you own?
2. Are you surprise by the tips I`ve listed?

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