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I received a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo a few months ago, and have been using it as often as possible. This is the first time I have used a dry shampoo on my hair, and to be honest, this was a real trial and error for me. I had read the directions many times on how to use it and I even looked up a few videos on YouTube on using dry shampoos. Pretty much I have learned that you need to have oily hair for this to work, and unfortunately my hair never gets oily enough. My main problem was that the powder never really worked into my hair. I have applied it in every way thinkable; spray it close to the roots, spray it far from your head, spray it in long spritzes, spray it in short spritzes, spray and shake between each spritz, spray and massage into the scalp, spray and brush it through, spray and shake and massage and brush... sounds like a lot of trials huh? It was. And after using this for about 3 months, I finally emailed the PR rep asking for help. Here`s her response:

PR: "Dry shampoo is a white powder so you have to be careful that you don`t spray too close or too much. Since you are massaging it into the root of your hair and brushing it out, it sounds like you might be spraying too much in your hair. Also, it works on oily hair so if your hair is not oily, it doesn`t have anything to soak up the powder which might leave the residue in your hair as well. Try spraying less and hopefully that works."

Her words helped me understand that my hair really doesn`t get oily enough for the dry shampoo to work its magic. I tried to spray less than I was, which already wasn`t much, and I still had issues with the powder not fully working its way into my hair. I had been using the dry shampoo on second-day-hair and third-day-hair. Usually after the third day, my scalp feels really dry and itchy so I always cave and wash my hair. Well, after PR said the hair needs to be oily, I held off on washing my hair to try the dry shampoo on my fourth-day-hair. My fourth-day-hair is significantly oilier than my third- and second-day-hairs, but it wasn`t oily enough to work with the dry shampoo. So, I did one last trial and struggled to hold out for fifth-day-hair (I know this sounds scary). Luckily my fifth-day-hair was oily enough to work perfectly with the dry shampoo!

I sprayed the Batiste Dry Shampoo into my hair, not to much, and after each spritz I massaged it with my fingers. After I was done spraying, I brushed out my hair and VOILA! my hair looked less oily, had more body and volume and I felt confident enough to actually wear my fifth-day-hair down all day! It was amazing! I really didn`t expect it to work after so many trials failed for me, so when I saw and felt how pepped up my fifth-day-hair was after using Batiste Dry Shampoo, I was extremely impressed.

If you get oily hair from not washing it every day or every other day, I truly think this will pump up your do and work fantastic on you! Of course, if your hair is like mine and doesn`t produce a lot of oil until a full work week passes, it might not help you out for a few days. I rarely make it to fifth-day-hair, so I`m not going to be repurchasing the Batiste Dry Shampoo.

This Fresh scent smells so good! The whole time I`ve been using this, I`ve really enjoyed having my hair smell this great! :)

[courtesy of PR]
Batiste Dry Shampoo has a new scent, Fresh, which is a liberating unisex scent that contains tantalizing fresh notes inspired by the rain forest. Its the ideal way to instantly clean and freshen up your hair in between washes while adding body and texture you crave!
Available scents:
* Original scent - ideal for no fuss girls, gives tresses a fabulously fresh and light scent.
* Blush scent - ideal for the flirty and fun girl this scent combines the alluring aroma of red hibiscus, tuberose, peony, lily and amber wood, it`s simply scent-sational!

The sizes:
* Available in a full size (5.05 fl oz), this is a must-have item for your bathroom.
* The On the Go size (1.6 fl oz) is designed to fit in your purse so you can keep your mane manageable and gorgeous wherever you go. It`s convenience in a can!

*Product(s) were received for trial/review; these are my honest opinions

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