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5 years ago

I have fallen in love with the Neutrogena Naturals line of skincare. With my skin being sensitive right now from topical treatments and such, this stuff is perfect. I am using their cleanser, and have been for a while now, because it seems to be one of the few cleansers that doesn`t make my skin feel as though I`ve poured acid over it. I decided I needed to get a scrub because, though I was using the Olay brush, it had started to be too much and was causing more irritation than helping. I`ve stopped using it as of the past couple weeks and only picking it up, maybe, once per week. So, since I am not using it daily or every other day as I had been, I did want/need a scrub of sorts to kind of take the place. I grabbed the Neutrogena Naturals purifying pore scrub. I`ve already used it and it is very gentle but my skin definitely does feel more smooth and soft when I`m finished. It says it "Gently scrubs away impurities that can build up in pores to improve complextion for fresh, clear skin." It also says, "willowbark bionutrient & jojoba bead scrub detoxifies pores." The list of ingredients are ones that when you see them you don`t scratch your head going "what the heck is that?!" It is 94% naturally derived. The "naturals" line is a bit more expensive but in my opinion worth it if you are looking for something that works but doesn`t strip your skin of natural oils and will be gentle.

The second item I got seems dull, but I have reasoning beyond just "I needed soap." I got the 2 pack of Olay ultra moisture (with shea butter) soaps. My thinking behind this was started when I received one of the Gillette/Venus razors with an olay moisture strip from my Vox Box. Those razors were the first I have ever used that didn`t leave my skin irritated, itchy, and giving me razor burn. Even their other razors with the built in shave cream irritate my skin. So, my thinking was that it MUST be the Olay part that is locking in moisture or putting it back in AS I shave, preventing the itchiness, etc. Well, I wanted to see if I were to use a bar of olay soap as my lather/shave cream for when I shave if it would work nicely. I haven`t tried this yet, but I am going to. If it does work, it is much more affordable to buy the bars of soap specifically to shave with rather than spend the money on those replacement heads for the razor. Well see. I`m hopeful, though.

I also got my son a SpongeBob shampoo/conditioner, but didn`t include those here.


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