Bathroom Storage

4 years ago

My husband and I were young when we bought our home. It was our first house and we didnt know what we truly wanted in a house yet. Looking back I would have told myself "You want this, this and this!" One of those things being more storage space!! We love our house, it has been a great starter home and we are beyond blessed to have what we have, but one thing that is lacking is storage space. The only linnen closet that we have barely fits the face cloths when they are folded up (no joke) it is rediculously small and I`m not even really sure what it is for...

At first we thought we would be able to live with the lack of a linnen closet but as time went on (5 years to be exact) we are now pulling our hair out trying to find places to put things. One thing we have done is purchased a cabinet to put in the bathroom. It fits the decor and style of our master bath and bedroom and holds quite a bit! I think we got it for like 40 bucks. This picture is not exactly what ours looks like, but it is very similar!

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