Bathroom Idea! SIMPLE!!

4 years ago

Heyauur everyone! Okay.. so yeah maybe i am going a bit crazy by posting these abosolutely stupid and literally very `NOT SO USEFUL` posts about bathrooms and bedrooms today! Lol! Actually started of by.. posting a blog about bedrooms with a swimming pool! (ok, awkward) Why would you need a bedroom with a pool ... HA! sure its cool and all.. but i dont know where i would be able to put all my makeup.. LOL! Anyways.. if you want to check the blog click this:

This blog is not so crazy! Its just about a plain and simple bathroom! Nothing exciting.. I dont know why am just looking through bathroom ideas.. and i have to say there are some that are FRICKING HUGE! and am like.. nah no way. I will not be able to find so much space in a normal house to put all this in. LOL!
Which is exactly why i wanted to blog about this one.. which is pictured above.
What i do like about this one is the fact that everything is very neat and clean! (ofcourse) But i like the shower. Its glass.. but its great! Also.. like the lights and the combo between the green-ish colour and the white. I also like how everything is fitted into a very small space.. Sure you dont have to do that!
But the only reason why i am writing a blog is to show that we can surely do something even if we arent so rich to buy a house with like a full floor just for the bathroom! LOL

so anyways what are your thoughts on this idea?
do you like it

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