The bath of brightness is ideal for people who want to leave your hair with more shine, and enhance color, especially reds that fade very fast. But the bath of brightness also moisturizes the hair, helping your hair to recover from the damage caused by the ink.

The bath of brightness is indicated for several women, who dyes her hair and does not use sunscreen and do not shampoo for dyed hair, who washes their hair daily and to revive the color and also giving shine.

There are several ways to make a bath of brightness at home, but the main ingredients are cream and ink quality.

To help in your bath brightness selected two recipes:

Bath-brightness single
2 tablespoons () paint (just the color of your hair)
2 tbsp (tablespoons) cream (white)
One ampoule arovit

½ paint tube (exactly the color of your hair)
3 tbsp (tablespoons) cream (white)
1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide of 20 volumes
1 ampoule arovit
1 Bulb Semi di Lino Alfaparf (blue)

Wash hair with shampoo, preferably in hot water and waste, so that the scales are open hair, mix all ingredients and remove excess water and wipe the hair strand by strand massaging well, from the root.

After 30 minutes rinse hair and wipe the conditioner as usual at the ends so that the scales are close in time to remove the bath and remove the gloss conditioner is advisable that you do in cold water.

Then just follow as usual. In this way you will always shine and hair the same color when you paint, leaving the hair lighter and beautiful.

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