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2 years ago


So on May 16th, I saw something wonderful on Facebook: a coupon! For a free full-sized lotion in new scent Endless Weekend! Oh boy! You better believe I took advantage of this offer. I picked up the new scent in lotion and pocket bac form, and now I am going to review both.

First, the pocket bac. This is the first one Ive ever purchased, and its OK. It goes on smelling, unsurprisingly, like alcohol, then theres a nasty toilet-cleaner smell, and then it smells kind of like Endless Weekend but still kind of like Ty-D Bowl. It has little beads in it, and I guess it is supposed to be moisturizing? Its got a pretty thin consistency, and Im not crazy about it

The lotion is, of course, BBWs same slightly thin, quick-drying lotion in a new scent that smells, uh, kind of like a lot of old scents, to be honest. I havent been shopping at BBW long enough to notice them repeating themselves, but Endless Weekend reminds me of Velvet Sugar, or Pink Chiffon, or Carried Away, or any of the other dozen little girlish pink froo-froo smells that I cant tell apart because they all just smell like Pixie Stix to me. It starts out smelling like sweet, sweet fruit, then moves quickly into sandalwood and settles into vanilla. Its a textbook scent, but it is nice. Its light, and reminds me a little of yogurt for some reason. It also smells kind of like Oreo filling. One of the reviewers on the B&BW website said it smells like rubber, and I agree that I pick up on a weird rubbery smell after Ive got it rubbed into my hands, but it doesnt last long. I think this only happens when I wear it after Ive been eating garlic. Overall, I enjoy Endless Weekend, but I wouldnt buy it. I have been layering it with London Tulip and Raspberry Tea to play up the raspberry notes, but it would go well with any vanilla or fruity scent, I think. Im not crazy about the packaging, which has a picture of a straw basket and some sunglasses in a field. It ties in with the name and the season, but I prefer their other, more graphic designs. The gold cap on the lotion is really boss, though, it reminds me of the Legend of Zelda cartridge for NES.


PROS: Pretty cheap; anti-bacterial, to keep me safe from the coming plague.
CONS: Watery; looks and smells like bathroom product.

PROS: Smells light and sweet, a little fruity, a little foody; gold cap is bitchin; got it for free.
CONS: Makes my hands kind of sticky, some of the effect may be psychological since it does smell like Oreos; sometimes a synthetic aroma; blah packaging.

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