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2 years ago


I had a coupon for a free travel-sized lotion with any purchase, and I was interested in the new World Gardens collection that is out for spring. Here are my thoughts on the three new scents:

Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber: I didnt read reviews until after I tried it myself, but a lot of people think this smells similar to Forever Midnight, just lighter and more appropriate for spring. Sounds amazing, right? I didnt get that at all. I tried the spray, which smelled perfumy but indistinct, and the lotion, which smelled lotiony and similarly indistinct. I naturally love heavy scents, spicy orientals, and vanilla, but Ive been trying to expand my horizons since most of the smells I like dont play nice in hot weather. This is supposed to smell like vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and orchids, all of which are things I love; it should smell warm, exotic, spicy, and sexy. It doesnt. To me, it smelled like hardly anything at all. I even rubbed the lotion on my hands and wore it around the store for about ten minutes. Nothing but lotion-smell and some vague perfume scent.I was disappointed, and didnt purchase any of this product.

London Tulip and Raspberry Tea: I wasnt sure about this smell at first, and had to come back to it a couple of times. It really does smell like raspberry tea, especially on the skin. I dont have enough experience with florals to identify the flowery notes as tulips, but there is definitely a springtime-fresh flower aroma that follows the initial splash of fragrance. Reminds me a lot of Brisk ice tea, and is a little like a watered-down cousin to Amber Blush without the amber. I bought the fragrance mist and sprayed it on my neck on the way home; it was very refreshing, and after the Brisk splash the aroma changed to a fresh, green, not too sweet smell that I really liked. I also used it in a stinking elevator at the transit center, and it freshened the air up immensely. Its a very nice fragrance, and I recommend it if you want something light and fresh that`s a little flowery and a little fruity without too much of either.

Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom: I chose this for my free lotion, and got the travel-sized spray as well. Its a light, juicy floral. It really smells like apple blossoms, and its sweet, but not crazy-sweet. Some reviewers on the BBW website compare it to Golden Magnolia Sun, but to me, this is much more delicate and clean-smelling. I like this scent a lot; its what I wanted Victoria`s Secret Sensual Blush to smell like, flowery and slightly spicy. It does remind me a little of Sensual Blush because of the lotus, but to me SB was very syrupy and weirdly fruity, problems Tokyo Lotus & Apple Blossom doesn`t have. I dont smell the vanilla until I have worn it for a long time, for most of its duration its just fresh and sweet and clean. It`s a little woodsy, a little floral, overall a lovely scent.

In conclusion, Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber, which by all rights should have been my favorite (and which has the prettiest packaging), left me totally underwhelmed; London Tulip & Raspberry Tea smells, as advertised, like raspberry iced tea and is a refreshing smell to spritz on yourself when its hot out; and Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom is the scent Victorias Secret Sensual Blush should have been, the flowery yet woodsy smell that puts Sensual Blush and Japanese Cherry Blossom to shame. The packaging on the sprays is lovely, clear jewel-toned plastic with gold patterns on it; my only objection is the name of the fragrance is encased in a goofy cartoon shape on each, which kind of ruins the effect for me (I keep the bottles turned around, as the gold pattern wraps all the way around on the travel sizes).

Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber **
London Tulip & Raspberry Tea ****
Tokyo Lotus and Apple Blossom *****

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