Bath and Body Works Slatkin Tropical Spice Candle Review

4 years ago

For the last few years one of my favorite Bath and Body Works Candles for summer has been tropical spice. Ive bought it in room spray to that I love.

When I went to the outlet a few months agoI got the oppurtunity to stock up on Tropical Spice as they had it at a deep discount so I bought 3 what I didnt notice was the thin wicks I bought one home burned it almost imedietly it burned flawlessly till the end it left over an inch of unused wax that I had to cut for my burner. Yesterday I decided to try another it was fabulous burned well great flames pool throw the works. Today I went to relight it my candle was about halfway gone this time it had low flames and no throw so I had to take it back to Bath and Body Works and ended up taking it back with the other I havent used. The scent is described as an exotic blend of cinnamon bark, spiced rum and tahitian vanilla overall I love the scent and would highly suggest it but I have to give the candle a 2.5 out of 5 stars as the scent is the only thing is has going for it since it wont burn right. I havent tried this years verions of it yet I might and might not as I dont want to waste money so I rather stick to the room spray something I know that works!

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