Bath and Body Works Review!

4 years ago

I wanted to do a review today on this product from Bath and Body Works. This is the Body Spray in the scent "Sea Island Cotton." This is one of the few scents that I can use. I am very sensative to smells and if I am not careful in selecting a perfume or body spray it will effect my allergies and I will get sick! I have even gone to the hospital in the past because of an anaphylactic reaction! I cary epinephrine with me just in case! So unfortunately I have a lot of prefumes at home that just sit on my dresser looking pretty because I cant wear them.

Usually the lighter the smell the better. I really like this one because it smells clean and it is very light. It isnt floral or spicy (which are usually the two worst smells for me). I will usually spray two or three sprays in the air then walk through it. I have found this to be the most effective way for me to wear body spray or perfume without it falling on me too heavy and sticking with me all day!

I like the design of this bottle much better than the last one. If you have used Bath and Body Works before you are probably familiar with the different bottles. I know that I am not paying top dollar for this so I dont expect anything too nice, but this one looks better sitting on my dresser than the ones in the past, I think.

Overall I really like this body spray. In the past I have always gone back to this after trying new things. I think from now on I am going to have to just embrace it and use this. The good news is though that it is only like $12 and the bottle is a really good size so it lasts a while! Plus it smells really good on me!

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