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4 years ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers! I hadn`t been to B&BW for quite a long time, and I`m so glad that I did! The new spring/summer scents are amazing. I am just kicking myself for missing the Memorial Day sale because I wanted to stock up! Oh well, we all know that B&BW runs promotions all the time so I`m sure I`ll have another chance.

Anyway, the reason I went this time was because I needed to stock up on...HAND SANITIZER! Now, you may be wondering why I`m obsessed with hand sanitizer, and no, I don`t have OCD and I am not a germaphobe! You all may think this is a bit weird, but I sometimes use hand sanitizer as deodorant! I know it`s strange but it works! I still like to use my clinical strength antiperspirant at nighttime to keep me dry, but during the summer, especially when I`m wearing a sleeveless top or a tube dress, I like to be extra fresh because sometimes it can get a bit musty! As I`m sure you all know, body odor is caused from a reaction between sweat and bacteria that normally live on our skin. When I use hand sanitizer on top of my normal antiperspirant, it kills all of these bacteria and I smell fresh and nice all day long, no matter how hot it is or how sweaty I get! It is an amazing little trick and I recommend it to everyone!

I bought a big pump of hand sanitizer in Sea Island Cotton to keep in my room to use in the morning, and I love how it smells so fresh and clean! Then, from left to right, I got 5 PocketBacs for a dollar each: Island Nectar, Wildberry Dahlia, Apple Lavender (my favorite one!), Dancing Waters, and Vanilla Berry Sorbet. There were SO many scents to choose from but these were my favorites! I will carry these around in my purse over the summer in case I need some emergency deodorant or something, it`s much better than lugging a huge stick of it around!

Then, I was so excited when I saw an old friend from high school and he had a long-overdue Christmas gift for me! I could not believe he held on to it for so long, it had been over a year! But anyway, he knows what I like so well because he got me a little set that had Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel and body lotion, which is one of my all time favorite scents! He also got a Japanese Cherry Blossom Wallflower set and a set of Moonlight Path refills. I am SO excited to use these when I get a new apartment in the next couple months!

So, that concludes my haul! Hope you all enjoyed my little hand sanitizer/deodorant trick. As you all probably know, I have no shame. LOL it`s nothing to be embarrassed about! :)

Talk to you all soon!


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