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5 years ago

I never really was into body products until this year. I just used generic lotion and body wash. But when I saw hauls on youtube from Bath & Body Works, I suddenly became interested. All of their body products smell amazing and are really great quality. It`s not ridiculously expensive, which is nice. And Bath and Body Works always seems to have coupons, like buy something get something free, promotions, 20% entire store, etc! Without these coupons, I probably wouldn`t have bought anything haha. I like the little collection I have, I feel like it`s enough to have a variety but I can still finish up these products (which is a good thing for me, I don`t like feeling like a hoarder lol)

Sweet Pea & Paris Amour Body Lotions - I got both of these for free! :) Sweet Pea is a really floral scent but still smells really youthful. Paris Amour just smells...idk. haha. But it smells really good though! The formula of these are really nice and moisturizing

Forever Sunshine Body Cream - This is one of the only products I have paid full price for. And it`s definitely worth the money. Body creams are my favorite formula because they`re really moisturizing and absorb into the skin immediately. As for the scent, it smells really delicious and comparable to Viva la Juicy!

Sweet Pea & Cozy Autumn Vanilla Shower Gels - I LOVE these! You don`t need a lot to get a really good lather. And I like to use these when I shave my legs. I get a perfect shave :) Plus it`s moisturizing and the smell lingers on your skin. I got Sweet Pea for free when I bought the Forever Sunshine body cream, and I think I got Cozy Autumn Vanilla for $2.75 when it was on sale.

Sweet Pea & Carried Away Fragrance Mists - I paid full price for Sweet Pea, but if you think about it, it`s a great deal. $14 for 8 fl oz of fragrance?! Sounds like a good deal for me, especially since I got something else for free! But anyway, I love the smell of Sweet Pea. I like how light body sprays are compared to perfumes, too. Carried Away is one of my all time favorite scents, and my sister has the body lotion and I use that too. I got the mini size for $1.25 when it was on sale.

I also have a lot of hand soaps, but I didn`t feel like that was interesting so I didn`t want to include it. I also really love the body scrubs that they sell, but I ran out of both so I don`t have them to show you :( but those are pricey at $15, so I recommend that you wait when they`re on sale.

If you have any recommendations on any of the scents that I don`t already own, leave them below. :)

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