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2 years ago

Hey luuuxers!

I recently posted 2 hauls from Bath and Body Works, since, as usual, I took advantage of their Semi-Annual Sale and stocked up on some items.

While I was hunting for some scents, I found 2 mini mason jar candles in the scent Merry Cookie. I hadn`t experienced this scent before, but it was awesome! Unfortunately, my local store didn`t have any of the 3 wick or large size size masons left in stock.

So I went home, and actually burned through one of the minis in 3 days! And during that time, even with the mini candle, my entire house smelled like freshly baked vanilla shortbread cookies! Me and my family were all obsessed. So I called a few nearby stores, but unfortunately, they had none left in stock. But one of the sales associates I called said that my best bet would be to try the outlet as opposed to the regular stores, since most stores would be packing up the `Christmas` scents and sending them to the outlet.

So indeed, I called the outlet, and the associate there had just received a box of Merry Cookie 3-wicks that she had put on the shelf. I had her reserve 2 of them for me, and headed over there the next day :).

I went to the store and while I was there, I browsed for a little bit. Though the associates said they hadn`t seen any of the larger mason jars around, I did manage to find 2 mixed up in a display. They had been misplaced with another scent, but these were the only 2 I saw.

And even though the Semi-Annual sale was over when I visited the outlet last week, I was still able to get the candles for the same prices!

The mason jars were $6.50 each and 3 wicks we 10.50 each! :)

So I headed to the cash with my Merry Cookie haul, when the girl at the cash said that they had a few boxes of 3 wicks that had just arrived that were marked super cheap. These were mostly overstock left from stores, and completely random. Most were summer or fall scents left from last year, and they only had 1-3 of each kind.

I wasn`t drawn to too many of the scents available, but I found the last mint lemon one that was going to be perfect for the kitchen! It smells so fresh and clean, and it`s the perfect candle to light after cooking to help clear the air. This rang up to only be $5.60! If they had some nicer scents available, I definitely would have bought some more!

But I have to say, I am very happy with my purchase! Between my previous hauls and this one, our home and hands are going to be smelling great haha!


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