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5 years ago

I got these stuffs last week before I went to lake retreat for my church. But before we went to Bath and Body Works we, me and my mom, went to Victoria Secret and I will share that in a different post later on this week.
So anyways lol me and my mom picked up these items. These items are mixed from use for the house and items me and my mom wanted. So I`m not sure if the sale is still going on or if they have anything left, but we picked up a lot of 75% off items. Mostly there are all from the holiday line and now they have the new line out but anyways this is what we picked up:
- wallflowers(not sure what name of scent) but I told my mom we don`t have anymore wallflowers after my dad asked me to go grab him one and we have no more for the house, I have 2 packs of wallflowers for me lol but yes that`s what we got. That cost around the 2-3 dollars really cheap.
- hand lotion don`t know the name right now I`m not at house sharing this lol but this for around the 2 dollars range, I read a post on LUUUX before I bought this and she got it for 3 and this was under 3 so I was happy my mom let me get it
- mini cleanser it was 1.25 it smely good so I was happy to get it but when I opened it some of the cleanser was out :( but its all good I can`t wait to try this out
- 2 lip balms they were 75% off it has spf so that`s why me and my mom got 1 each it was in the 1 range for pricing

And yes that`s what we picked up

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