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4 years ago

Sensual Amber was given to me by a coworker several years back before I became a stay at home mom. She had bought it and disliked the way it smelled on herself. It just didn`t mix well with her body chemistry, I suppose. I`m thankful for that because I loved it! I was glad to take it off her hands. I only wear this one in the fall and winter because it can be strong. I feel it is too strong for the spring and summer. It has a cozy, warm quality to it that is perfect for the colder months. Even then, I only spritz it lightly to the wrists, and if I`m feeling bold, a bit to either the decollete or the back of the neck. Never both! It opens pretty heavy. It has an immediate rush of amber. It isn`t masked at all. Pure amber! If you are unsure of your feelings about amber fragrance, this will make you face them and come to a conclusion. If you dislike amber, you will hate this one. If you enjoy amber, you will probably adore it. After about 15-20 minutes it calms down some. It still isn`t a soft, whisper of a scent. You will be noticed when you walk past someone. You are absolutely going to leave a trail blazing behind you. At this point, though, the creamy vanilla comes in and mingles with the amber. It creates something magical and sexy. I visualize an evening with candles lit. It is quite a sexy, intimate fragrance in my opinion. Somewhere creeping in after about 30 minutes are the tiniest traces of plum. I mean, the very smallest hints. I have to really be sniffing close against the skin to detect it. Even then I always question myself thinking, Mmm, I smelled something a bit fruity and fresh...didn`t I? Yes? Maybe? A little bit? It is there, but it isn`t prominent. For the remainder of the wear, this is a sultry vanilla-amber that lingers on the skin for a long time. I love this stuff. I have heard that once they repackaged their products, the scent changed just a bit, but I don`t know for certain. I haven`t checked any of the new bottles. The bottle I have is one of the original ones. Top: plum, forest fruits, bergamot Mid: iris, orange blossom, white rose, lotus Base: sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, vanilla, praline
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