Bath amp Body Works quotAutumn Dayquot Candle

4 years ago

When Bath & Body Works released their Fall candles I bought a few right away. One of the candles i got is "Autumn Day" and is described on the bottom of the candle as:
"Celebrate the season with a beautiful trio of oak, citrus and golden amber, inspired by fresh air, colorful leaves and strolling through a secluded wood on a sunny day."
This candle is extremely potent, you can for sure smell the oak in it. I believe this candle was called "Acorn & Fig" but was changed into "Autumn Day" this year-or so i read online from a few reviews of this scent.
I usually love all of the candles i get from BBW but this one i was not a fan of. For some reason it gave me really bad allergies, whenever i burnt it within 5 minutes i would get a stuffy nose, then start sneezing, and my eyes would water as well. I do have seasonal allergies so im guessing thats why this candle set them off? Which is kind of strange but this candle does have a strong scent of "Cedar" in it which usually gets me into a sneezing attack. I bought this candle when they had the 2 for $20 promo so im glad i didnt pay for price for it-i took a risk ordering it online without smelling it first so i cant really complain that i dont like the scent when i knew there was a possibilty i wouldnt like it. The closest BBW near me is 60 miles so i dont think ill make the trip to return it, plus my boyfriend doesnt mind the scent so i told him to burn the candle whenever im not home..that way at least he can enjoy it.
This was one of the first candles i wasnt gaga about from BBW. If it didnt put me into a sneezing frenzy i think i could tolerate it.
Have you smelled Bath & Body Works "Autumn Day" candle? If so what did you think of it?Whats your favorite fragrance for the Fall time?
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