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4 years ago

I went to the mall today to pick up some freebies from a few stores with coupons that I`ve acquired. My first stop was Bath and Body Works! They`re doing this great promotion for Mother`s Day for a free travel-sized item, absolutely no purchase necessary! I got mine through facebook, but you can just google for it now and the coupon will come up. So I went to go take advantage of it today :)

I actually have quite a collection of Bath and Body Works products, so I wasn`t sure what to get at first. I decided just to pick up one of my absolute favorite body sprays because, hey, you can`t go wrong with something you know you love! It`s Japanese Cherry Blossom and is my favorite scent from them. I always try the new ones that come out but nothing compares, lol. I do also like White Citrus and Moonlight Path and even just the regular Cherry Blossom scent, but nothing beats the Japanese one :)

When I was looking at the coupon in the store to make sure I was picking out the right thing, I noticed that it said "up to $6 value." What? Since when did their travel-sized items become $6?? For that price, you seriously might as well just buy the regular-sized ones. I`m wondering if it has to do with the new packaging - the bottles are round now as you can see in the second picture (kind of like the old body spray bottles Victoria`s Secret used to use...) so I wonder if that`s why the cost has gone up? That, or with the economy the product just might cost more. But the bigger sizes haven`t gone up in price, so I`m pretty curious. The amount of product hasn`t changed... the travel-sized body sprays were 3 ounces originally and still are. Hmm. I`m definitely not a fan of the new packaging - the previous bottle shapes were much more attractive looking in my opinion. But hey, at least the stuff on the inside is still the same!

I`m very, very happy with my freebie! I showed my Mom and she is going to get one too :) I really need to start working on using up some of my products now. And for some reason, I feel like I have a million Japanese Cherry Blossom body sprays! But I love it :)

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