Baskin Robin Ice-Cream

4 years ago

Sorry for not being able to be active on Luuux as much as I would like too so now I will be spamming you with all the blog posts that I never had time to post up. Don`t worry though these are all recent and occurred around the month of March! School has been flying by so quickly, and I definitely can`t wait for Summer to begin so I can have more time to blog and be more active! Now let`s move on into the blog posts!

My family and I took a quick drive to our local ice-cream parlor due to my cravings so of course I went for the Mint Chocolate Chip Flavor! I haven`t had ice-cream in a long time so I was really excited to be able to get some actual ice-cream fresh from the store! We bought seperate cones and 2 of their ice-cream containers to bring it home. My aunt didn`t want us to eat this in the car, because we might spill. In that case we just bought the case of ice-cream 2 for 11. I picked the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor for myself, while my little cousin choose the Strawberry flavor for herself. The cones were an extra 90 cents which isn`t bad since the waffle is really thick, and the size of the cone isn`t tiny as well. I scooped myself both the strawberry and mint chocolate chip flavor, however I found the strawberry flavored ice-cream has a slight artifical taste and the strawberry portion tastes really sour and overall just not my cup of tea. On the otherhand, the mint-chocolate chip was heaven for me! I really enjoyed the bits of chocolate chip and the mint tasted very freshinging had the perfect amount of sweetness to it as well. Overall, I really enjoyed my little night snack and will definitely pick up the mint flavored ice-cream again!

<Strong> Have you been to Baskin Robins? What is your favorite ice-cream? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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