Baskin Robbins Soft Serve Parfait

5 years ago

Being a huge fan of ice cream (well, who isn`t really) I`m lucky since my aunt and uncle own a Baskin Robbins franchise so anytime I want, I can just go over there and grab some ice cream. They also tend to bring home tons of ice cream flavors any time we are having a party or having a family get together.

While I try not to have too much ice cream, I can`t help but indulge every once in a while. My favorite treat is definitely soft serve ice cream. This is more of a recent thing, since Baskin Robbins nver used to have soft serve when I was younger.

Anyways, my little brother works at my aunt and uncle`s location, so last time I went to pick him up, I told him to bring me some soft serve. Being the fantastic little brother that he is, he brought me a soft serve parfait, knowing that I love caramel and Reese`s pieces.

Basically, instead of just soft serve in a cup, you get a choice of caramel or chocolate sauce at the bottom of the cup and a choice of candy or chocolate topping (things like crushed Oreos, crushed Reese`s, or other topping they have available).

It was super delish , and it`s a fun treat to have every once in a while :)

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