Basket bags HOT or NOT ?

Hello everybody !

So it will be another post about my obsession - bags. This time i want to write about very trendy - basket bags. They are just everywhere ! On catwalks, in magazines, on television... I think that they are really nice but only for going to beach or for picnic. But how you could bring that expensive bag for beach when everybody could steal it ? It`s kinda weird. They are even more expensive than classic models. For example louis vuitton. Mini basket costs 2660 $ and big 3150 $ ! And the speedy 30 in monogram is only 1080 $ ! You could see the difference. So if you asking me i would never buy basket bag from high designer. H&M, ZARA, Topshop ? No problem. I never buy expensive things that would be trendy only one season, only classics like lv in monogram, burberry scarf, black flats etc. I was in Zakopane about one month ago and i saw this bag in yelloe color version in one store ! It was obviosuly a fake because they don`t make it in that yellow color and the price was about 50$... I really don`t understand how they could sell fake thing in shops. I know, ebay, beach, street and on web but in stores ?? That`s really crazy thing for me.

What do you think ?
Hot or Not ?

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