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4 years ago

Yesterday I went shopping downtown in San Francisco and stopped by one of my favorite shops: De Masque.

If you`ve read through some of my posts before you know that De Masque is a small shop in San Francisco`s Westfield that carries clothing much like in Forever21 and is prices similarly but in my opinion is much more organized (you know what I mean if you`ve been to a Forever21 (especially the one downtown in San Francisco) and know the disorganization and there doesn`t seem to be that much categorization when it comes to clothing, making it hard to pick things you want without having to sort through everything).

I really wasn`t looking to buy much except for a couple basics. I`m somewhat revamping my wardrobe and wanted to add a couple more basics that I would be able to wear with just about anything. I picked up two sheer white blouses, a basic white pocket tee, a nude cami, and a black belt.

The white blouses are both sheer and seem pretty basic but I also chose the blouses so that it had some sort of detail that would spice up the blouse instead of just plain white. One of the blouses has rose gold buttons as well as a rode gold tip for the collar. The other blouse is more an ivory than white and has two big pockets on the front of the shirt which I thought was a really nice detail and helped it be more a casual shirt. Both shirts are very soft and can be paired with anything which is why I think it`s so important to have these in any wardrobe. Both were about $15

I also got a plain white tee, a staple to any girl`s closet but once again, I was looking for details when it came to the shirt. I really liked the pocket and thought it added a lot to the shirt instead of just a plain white shirt. I also bought it in medium even though I am a small so it would be a bit oversized instead of a fitted shirt. An oversized shirt just has a more comfy feel to it and I feel it can be more versatile. It was really cheap, only $4

Of course with so many sheer clothing, you`ll need a cami to wear underneath. I don`t have a nude cami in my wardrobe and decided I`d pick one up. I wanted a nude so that it wouldn`t take away from the sheer clothing. White camis work too but I just think nude works better. I also like these camis a lot more than the ones in Forever21 because for some reason the camis in Forever21 are really short. I can`t understand why. A cami isn`t supposed to just stop at your waist. That`s just not how it works. Whatever. THis cami is a nice good length. I feel I`ll get a lot of use out of it. It is slightly darker than my actual skin tone but no matter. It`s just a base to wear sheer clothing on top of anyways. This was cheap as well. $4

And of course another basic item: a black skinny belt. I have a brown skinny belt which I really love but of course brown doesn`t go with every outfit. SOmetimes black is that perfect color to cinch everything together so I bought myself a black belt. Nothing special about it. As basic as it gets. Has some reptilian design on the belt. Was about $7.

It`s not a particularly exciting haul but its clothes that I feel are very important in any closet.

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