Basic Makeup Artist Kit Essentials

6 years ago

Everyone should know what basic items they need to start building their makeup kit. Whether it`s a personal kit or an artist kit, these are things that everyone should have. These items don`t have to be high end expensive items, you can purchase them at the drugstore or anywhere you can find cheaper alternatives to the expensive stuff.

Kit Essentials:

Foundation: I suggest getting a palette with different colors or just getting a Light, Medium and Dark one, that way you can mix and match when needed.
Powder: Get a Light, Medium, Dark and a Translucent powder.
Eyelash Curler
Sponges: Lots and lots of sponges (I like the round and wedge kind)
Lip Gloss/Lipstick: You should get an empty lip palette so you can break down your lip colors in order to mix and match and it`s also a lot easier than carrying around a ton of lip glosses or lipsticks.
Makeup Remover: I have makeup wipes, but liquid is just as good.
Eyeshadow: It`s good to have a variety of neutral and brighter colors. You can get empty palettes so you can depot all your shadows, this makes it easier to carry them around.
Blush/Bronzer/Highlight: You should get a few colors that will compliment all skin tones and also so you can mix them. Bronzers are great for contouring. You should also get an empty palette and fill it with these.
Concealers: A lot of companies now sell concealer in a palette with a variety of colors, also get one with the corrective colors (pink, blue, green, yellow).
Disposable Applicators: Mascara wands, lip applicators, sponge eye applicators, etc.
Mascara: Black and brown
Brush Cleaner
Brushes: I recommend just getting a brush set because it comes with a variety of brushes and most of the sets are basic brushes.
Anti-bacterial wipes/Hand sanitizer
Bobby pins to pin clients hair away from face
Gun: Lol I know, gum? Well, when you`re in clients faces all day you don`t want you`re breath to stink lol
Business Cards: Always carry these just in case
False Eyelashes
Eyelash Glue: I recommend DUO
Eyelid Primer
Eyeliner: Black, brown, white..basic colors
Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter, Model in a Bottle
Hand Held Mirror
Makeup Spatulas for mixing colors
Train Case

You can find a lot of this stuff at your local drugstore or makeup counter. I also suggest checking out This site has a lot of great essential tools for a great price.

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