Bargain Find: $15 Black Book Shelf From Walmart

5 years ago

On saturday my boyfriend and i decided on going out of town for the day just for something to do. We live in a tiny town and on weekends we`ll drive an hour or so to the next town over thats a pretty decent size. Our first stop was Walmart, i love a good deal so im always like to stop by to see what i can find.
While walking by the candles we saw a display on an end isale with a ton of stacked boxes displaying the price "$15" for 3 Shelf Book Cases from the brand "Main Stays". I instantly stopped-i`ve been on the hunt for a cheap but sturdy book shelf for sometime now. This was perfect for me. The book shelfs came in 3 different colors: Black Oak, Black Forest Espresso, and White Stipple.
I decided on Black Oak beings that black goes best with everything in my house.
My boyfriend kept nagging me saying, "We dont need it" (which he says about everything btw) but i knew it was because he didnt want to put it together that night. Well, of course as soon as we got home i didnt even have to ask him..he started putting it together. It took him a total of 15 minutes to put it together.
The 2 Shelves were adjustable to comfortably fit any size book you wanted to put on the shelf. I dont have alot of books beings that i trade them often on the ones i do have i put on the first shelf with a few dvds that im in the process of trading as well..(dont judge me for having the movie "The Animal" i thought it was hilarious in middle school haha trying to get rid of it). I put all of my Bath & Body Works Candles on the bottom shelf which worked out great and decluttered my entertainment center. I kept it simple and just added a picture frame, BBW candle, and little pug nick nack on top of the book case.
This shelf is sturdy, sleek, and cheap! It does the job which is all i care about.
I mostly bought this book shelf to declutter my entertainment center which we will eventually get rid of. After all of my boyfriends complaining about how we dont need the shelf/book case he ended up really liking it.

As you can see by my pictures my cat "Penny" was obsessed with the "new edition" in the house. I couldnt keep her off of it! As soon as i turned away for a second she was right back on the shelf, she must like it as much as i do! :)

If you`re looking for something like this i would definitely recommend this book shelf/case. It can be used for other purposes besides holding books as well..and for only $15 its a great price!

What do you guys think of my new book shelf/case?
Thanks for reading!
Images are mine.

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