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2 years ago

Hey guys! So today I`m going to be giving a quick review/first impression of this product I spotted in Home Bargains for only 99p (rrp £14.99!). I know from experience that I have quite a lot of product/dye build up in my hair so I thought I`d give it a go and see how it left my hair. There were also products in the same range, for the same price, that were specifically for dry hair but seeing as my hair is quite naturally oily, I gave these a miss.

PACKAGING: This hair cleanse definitely looks like a top quality product. It comes in a long oval-edged rectangular box and bottle. The lid is heavy and has the company`s logo embossed on it. Everything about the packaging screams high end.

INSTRUCTIONS: These left me asking a lot of questions. It doesn`t say to use it with a shampoo, as a shampoo, as a conditioner, alone etc... So I just went ahead and judged what I thought was best.

APPLICATION: It states in the instructions that this product may be difficult to dispense if not at room temperature. It had been sat in my shower for 10 minutes before I used it and I definitely still had a lot of trouble trying to dispense it from the bottle, so much so that it actually hurt me from squeezing it so hard. It`s a thick consistency like a conditioner is, so I applied it after shampooing. A palm sized amount lathered up beautifully and was more than enough for my hair length (around 4 inches below shoulders.) It smells better in the bottle than it does when it`s been mixed with water. The only way I can describe it is an earthy, fresh smell. I know a lot of people enjoy this scent, but I for one prefer sweet smelling products. Despite this, it didn`t and hasn`t put me off using it again.

RESULTS: Straight after rinsing my hair was squeaky clean, which is good and means the product has done exactly what it says it would, but it also felt VERY dry and brittle. Understandable as I dye my hair a lot. After drying it, my hair felt very healthy and soft, but not as soft as if it had been conditioned. My hair usually is naturally wavy but this left my hair quite straight and easy to manage.

Overall I would give this hair cleanser 4/5. The price is great and even if you`re just using this before dying your hair to help application, it`s definitely worth giving it a go.

Thanks for reading! x0x0x

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