Barcelona VS Real Madrid , Who do you think will win? Quien piensas que ganara?

Who do you think will win the Clasico? In my personal opinion , Real Madrid will win they have been doing an amazing job and will continue to last the winning team! The rivalry between the two top Spanish professional football leagues FC Barcelona and Real Madrid was named El Clasico or El Derbi Español. The matches are contested twice a year in the La Liga Competition. This rivalry is one of the most watched football games in history. Many fans and football enthusiasts would never miss a match between these two top clubs of Spain. The rivalry between these two teams is a result of direct competition. Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain and their clubs are the richest, most successful and most influential football teams in Spain. FC Barcelona has over the years won 75 trophies while Real Madrid has won 74 trophies and their next competition Athletic Bilbao is quite far from the two teams. Currently Athletic Bilbao comes 3rd and has won only 32 trophies.

The rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid could also be traced on their political beliefs. Real Madrid is often viewed to represent Spanish Nationalism while FC Barcelona is viewed as representing Catalan Nationalism. Many fans of this rivalry still contests that FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are the biggest rivalry in the world of football.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid met again in the UEFA Champions League semifinals last 2002. Real Madrid was victorious over FC Barcelona with a score of 2-0 in Barcelona and the next match in Madrid was a draw with a score of 1-1. The game was named Match of the Century and was watched by more than 500 million people worldwide. The rivalry was further aggravated over the years by the persistent internal transfer of players between the two teams. FC Barcelona players who have later transferred to Real Madrid include Bernd Schuster (1988) and Luis Figo (2000). While players from Real Madrid transferring to FC Barcelona include Luis Enrique (1996). The rate of transferring players from Real Madrid to FC Barcelona is much less compared to players from FC Barcelona switching to Real Madrid.

A recent survey conducted in 2007 by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas in Spain found out that Real Madrid was the team with the largest fan base with an estimated 32 percent while 25 percent are supporters of FC Barcelona. The third Spanish football teams with the most supporters are Valencia CF with 5 percent. While in Europe FC Barcelona is more popular than Real Madrid based on the survey made by the German research agency Sport+Market in 2010.

The club rivalry further intensified due to the final of the Copa Del Rey in 2011 and the UEFA Champions League. FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are scheduled to battle each other four times in 18 days. Many accusations and foul exchange of words between fans and players are exchanged in these matches. Many football analysts and Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque are concerned that this rivalry might cause a friction on the national side of the country. Now who do you think will win?

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