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4 years ago Supercopa 2012 was the first Clasico of the season and the game was full of surprises. Real Madrid was frosty and their Barca fear was back, Barcelona knew from the start they would win this Barcelona vs Real Madrid clash, they improved their play in the second half but their confidence might have cost them the win either!

Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2012 Supercopa / NationalTurk Its El Clasico time yet again, the first Barcelona vs Real Madrid Supercup clash of the 2012-2013 season have not seen the reckless tackling and usual fighting Real Madrids butcher of a footballer Pepes absence surely helped at it. And the diving we get used to seein at every Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2012 encounter was a bit less prevalent than usual. Pepe was not missed, not at all by any Foootball fan.

Well with the exception of Barcelonas Alexis Sanchez who did his best to carry the load himself. At one point of the Barcelona vs Real Madrid Supercopa 1st leg even Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos lifted Alexis Sanchez after he dives after a struggle with him in Real Madrid box. That was at the end of the second half.  A penalty shout for Alexis Sanchez was heard, though no one made very much of it. Sergio Ramos appeared to make contact with Sanchez on the edge of the box, but Sanchez appeared to embellish the contact and no penalty was given. Eventually, Ramos errors would catch up with him and Madrid. : First half epic boredom, second half just epic

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo failed to have a huge impact in this Barcelona vs Real Madrid Supercopa 2012 game. Sure, both scored goals, but Messi scored a penalty while Ronaldo managed to take advantage of terrible positioning from Sergio Busquets in taht corner kick. Neither were on top form and, on the whole, Ronaldo disappointed while Lionel Messi who missed two decent chances, did not get into position to score often enough and whose final key passes were off, managed to be on the winning side was solid.

And Ronaldo with his greasy hair was anonymous for most of the Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2012 supercopa clasico. Aside from his goal, Ronaldo was barely involved in any major way. Of course, when the match strategy is to sit back, play for the counter and that key away goal, it is expected that he would not be on the ball very much.We have seen him making fouls after fouls a sign of his lack of stamina and fitness.

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Ronaldo scored with a header Mezut Ozil is already one of the top midfielders in the world, and he is one of the three best in La Liga. Before the second half of last year, one of the Germans biggest criticisms was how poorly he played in big matches, specifically against Barcelona. for very long. It took only one minute for Barcelona to find the equalizing goal, opening up the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match considerably to everyones pleasure.

With an uncharacteristic pinpoint long ball, Javier Mascherano assisted Barcelonas first goal, hitting a rare perfect pass. Also one of  the absents until that minute of Barcelona vs Real Madrid game, Barcelona winger Pedro picked it up and created a shot for himself with a perfect first touch, then placed the ball by Iker Casillas to bring the score to an abrupt 1-1.

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Why do we fall Victor Valdes ?

Wait for it.. VictorValdes gave Real Madrid a way back into the tie. He inexplicably gave the ball away to Angel Di Maria while dwelling on the ball in his own penalty area, and after Valdes failed multiple times to win the ball back, Di Maria scored from inside the six-yard box to hush the Barcelona fans at Camp nou who started to celebrate with Mexico wave.

Inthe end a 3-2 loss to Barcelona in a 1st leg of supercopa featuring Barcelona vs Real Madrid is an excellent result for Real Madrid considering Real deserved to lose 3-0, buy we cant say Real Madrid have the upper hand vs Barcelona next week at Bernabau. Why? Well Real Madrid have to improve incredibly. Barcelona demolished Real Madrid. Madrid didnt look even on a similar level vs Barcelona. Nothing like the Real Madrid of last year. It wasnt just tactics. We saw a Barcelona vs Real Madrid game which proves luck is great factor in football.

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