Barbie Woman!

4 years ago

Hey Guys.
So, I found this story when I was looking for things in Google. This post is about a woman who changes her body and face to <strong>look like a barbie</strong>. Well, this story just make me remember when I was completely obsessed to become and look like a Barbie. Not because I wanted to look pretty, but the barbie simbolize someone who loves fashion and someone <strong>perfect</strong>. I was a little chocked when I saw those pictures, because it is a little different about what I wanted to be (seriously!). Her name is <strong>Valeria Lukyanova</strong> and she is from Russia! She made a lot of surgeries to look like a really barbie that it looks like her photos was modified with Photoshop. All this, because she always dreamed to be a real Barbie! Her body has abnormal size! And not to mention the face!

<strong>Talk To Talk:</strong>
- What you guys think about this?
- Would you be courageous enough to do the same?

<em>All the pictures are from the link in source link.</em>

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