Banish Back Arm Fat - Tricep Dips

4 years ago

In Cantonese, there is a saying we call people with back arm fat. We call them "Bye Bye" arms.


Because when the person waved to say goodbye, the back of their arms (the triceps) would jiggle.

Most girls who retain upper body fat, such as myself, have trouble with the tricep area. When I gain weight, 80% of the fat goes into my chest and the other 20% goes into my triceps. I have a very triangular shaped body.

This is a great move to help tone your "bye bye" arms or triceps.

1. Start by having your hands latched onto a steady work bench or the ground with your legs at a 90 degree angle to the floor. You should look like you`re sitting on a low stool.
2. Your upper arms need to be parallel with your sides and straight up.
3. Slowly sink down with only your arms. Keep your lower body steady. While you sink down, your elbows should be pointed back and your arms still perpendicular to the bench or floor. Go as low as you are comfortable.
4. Slowly raise back up to starting position, again with your elbows pointed back.
5. Repeat 10 repetitions of 3.

You should feel the burn at the back of your arms. If you feel it in your biceps, then you are probably pointing your arms outward rather than back.

This is a very easy exercise that anyone can do and it helps to significantly tone your triceps. This should be included in your daily resistance training. I have introduced other moves to do in a set along with tricep dips, such as planks and pushups.

Resistance training should be done 2-3 times a week on alternative days from cardio training.

Keep strong and I hope this helped =)

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