Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

5 years ago

I finally was able to try one of these puppies out last weekend and I have been HOOKED! I wasnt sure I was going to like it, because I didnt really know what was on it, but I purchased it when picking up some groceries at my local Asian market. While waiting for my aunt to come out of the pet store, I opened my sandwich up to take a bite and ate more than half of it (o.O). Because I totally devoured the sandwich before I could even take a picture of it, I figured Id wait until I got another one. Funny thing is, I went to the gym this morning and when I went to the store to get the ingredients to make fried rice tonight, all sandwiches were sold out. My aunt had gone by to pick up some of the items she likes that get brought it on Saturday morning, so she grabbed one for me (knowing I was at the gym) and dropped it off to me. Hooray! Haha, and no, I had no clue she was going to the store. It will say this sandwich is really tasty!

The sandwich is on a classic Vietnamese style hoagie roll, which is crispier on the outside than airy and fluffy. The sandwich is filled with sliced sirloin, cilantro, cucumber, carrots, pickled radishes and theres a small smear of mayonnaise on the bread. When the radishes mix with the mayonnaise, it makes a slightly sweet dressing type of a taste. Its hard to describe, but its refreshing, especially because you have all these fresh veggies in there with thin sliced beef.

I want to venture into making these at home, but Im not sure I want to venture into the world of pickling radishes. Im going to look around and see if I can find them jarred if so, itll be Banh Mi for everyone time. Then again it`s only $3.25 to purchase these made at the store ... so I`d also have to weigh the costs. It may just be cheaper to buy them vs. make them.

Have you ever had Banh Mi?

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