Banh Beo

5 years ago

One of my favorite HOMEMADE dishes that my dad makes has got to be "Banh Beo". It`s a Vietnamese dish and basically, they are just little steamed rice cakes. The process to make Banh Beo is really strenuous because you need to make each individual piece. For this, you can use trays that is molded to make the shape of the cake. When my dad makes it though, he uses these little tiny cups because they are a bit more deep which allows you to put more filling into them.

On its own, these little rice cakes are just textured-rice flour and when mixed correctly with the tapioca flour/starch, it becomes this chewy consistency.

As for the toppings, my dad always includes minced up shrimp, small pieces of pork rinds (can vary), mung bean paste, scallion oil, and a bit of fish sauce on top.

It`s incredibly delicious and it`s always a treat whenever I get to eat this! I never order it when I go out to eat at restaurants because seriously, my dad`s Banh Beo are bombbb! Haha :)

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