Banana Cashew Apple Cider `Milk` (Experiment)

I`ve always wanted to make my own nut milk, so being the experimenter that I am, I did it with a twist. I just recently bought a large order of raw cashews (I love munching on them) and I had a half of a banana in the freezer and extra apple cider in refrigerator. The end result was very creamy and sweet.

Ingredients (Makes half a serving):

1/4 cup of cashews (I had raw cashews, so if you`re going with that, soak them beforehand)

2/3 cup of apple cider or 1/4 cup of apple cider (Depends on how sweet you want it)

2/3 cup of water or 1/4 cup of water (Again, depending on the preference of sweetness level)

A half of a banana

1/2 tsp of extract or concentrate of your choice (I used blueberry concentrate)

Items needed:

A blender (I used an immersion blender)

A nut bag or a strainer


1.) Soak cashews for a few hours or microwave or heat them up for a minute or so (Depending on your microwave wattage). Dry afterwards if you decided on the soaking route. Note: Only for raw cashews, skip this step if you have roasted cashew. Though if you wish with roasted cashew, microwave for a few seconds (depending on wattage of microwave) or heat them up for a few minutes for ease in the blending step (Heating the cashew soften them a bit by releasing some of the oils inside)

2.) Place listed liquids in blender along with cashews, banana, and the extract or the concentrate of your choice.

3.) Blender until smooth.

4.) Strain using nut bag or strainer.

5.) Cool in fridge for 30 minutes or so and enjoy.

I hope you have as much fun as I did making this drink. :)

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