Ban on XL Size Soda?

4 years ago

Soda as we all know is bad for you. But in case you didn`t know that, it`s because of all the sugar and calories in the soda. It`s so bad, that Mayor Bloomberg of NYC has made it a point to ban super sized servings of soda.

While I agree with soda being bad, I`m not on board with the city as far as the ban. They have more pressing concerns in my opinion. The decision should be left up to the consumer. If soda is so bad why stop at banning XL sizes? Why not just ban it entirely? Can you live without soda?

I cut down drastically on soda about 10 years ago when I joined my current company. One of my colleagues had told me how if you left a bowl filled with Coca Cola overnight with a raw piece of beef, that overnight the acid in the soda is so strong that in the morning, only the soda will remain. I`ve never tried it, but it sounds plausible.

Talk the TALK
1) are you a big soda drinker?
2) how would you feel about this ban if it was imposed on you?

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