Bamboo Bar In Vietnam

5 years ago

If you`re into wine, bars, beers, water, drinking and what not. This is the hotspot in Vietnam you need to hit up! Lol I`ve been to Vietnam once and I`ve never seen this place before. Maybe because I went back in 2004? :D

This is a modern design bamboo bar which was designed by a firm called Yo Trang Nghia LTD. The Yo Trang Nghia architectural firm thought it would be a brilliant idea to take materials that was far from modern. Their reason to use bamboo to build this place is because the tendency of floods because of current natural disasters. Especially in their area.

People tend to hit the bar after work. I guess through a long day of work people just want to relax! Get drunk!

1. Have you ever been to Vietnam before?
2. How long would you stay if you visited?

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