BalayageOmbre on Brunette Hair - What Do You Think?

5 years ago

This style of hair colouring has become so popular but I thought that I would never be able to try it since I have dark brown hair. I used to think that it looked too stark on dark hair, while it looks really flattering and natural on lighter hair. But recently I have seen more people with this look on brunette hair and when it is done well it looks really good!

The first picture (Jennifer Carpenter) is how I would want my hair to turn out. It doesnt start up too high and the colour graduates nicely. The second picture (Rachel Bilson) is what Im worried my hair could turn out like! I think it starts too high up (so it looks more like regrowth than anything) and it looks more unnatural and less flattering.

For this to look good, you need a good hairdresser! Ive seen a lot of balayage on dark hair that does not look flattering at all.

I like that this look is simple and dramatic at the same time (if that even makes sense?!) and that it is low maintenance since you dont need to worry about regrowth. Its definitely best for people who wear their hair down a lot.

What do you guys think about this look on dark hair? Do you think it looks better on lighter hair? I`m really interested in what everyone thinks since I have been thinking about giving this hairstyle a try! :)

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