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Heyyy dolls!
So, Yesterday I was stuck babysitting my little sister & we needed something fun to do! I decided that it would be fun to bake something so Voila! We made Red Velvet cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing & a pink chocolate heart!

What we used;;
-Red velvet cake mix
-Cream cheese frosting
-Mini cupcake shells
-White chocolate candy melts

Here`s what we did! ;;
-First off we made the red velvet cake batter, nothing special. lol just follow the directions!

-While we waited for the oven to heat up, we put shells into the mini cupcake pan, then filled them with the red velvet mix.

-After baking them for the suggested time we took them out of the pan and onto a clean pan and put the cupcakes in the fridge.

-While waiting for the cupcakes to cool i put some white chocolate candy melts into a microwave safe bowl and put it in the microwave for the suggested time, after taking it out i mixed in some pink food coloring & let it sit till the consistancy of the melted chocolate was a little thicker.

-Now that the chocolate was thicker i loaded it into a mini ziplock bag and cut a tiny hole on one of the corners. Then i took a sheet of foil and started to form little hearts using the ziplock bag filled with chocolate. After using up the all the chocolate in the bag, i left them on the table to cool.

-While the little hearts were cooling i went back to get the cupcakes and used a piping bag to put the frosting on!

-Then last but not least, after puting frosting on all the cupcakes i carefully removed the hearts from the foil and placed them everso lightly on top of the frosting as shown in the picture! & You`re done! <3

*Thanks for reading! What`s your favorite cupcake flavor?

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