Bakers Corner Pumpkin Bread

3 years ago

I will truly try anything pumpkin as long as the nutrition information is worth it to me (and trust me, there are pumpkin items that just are not worth it to me). One of the items that was worth it was this Bakers Corner Quick Bread & Muffin Mix Pumpkin. I had picked this box mix up at my local Aldi store and stuck it into the cabinet. Yesterday, I was in the mood to bake something since we didnt have any baked goods in the house.

Deciding to skip the eggs and oil the boxed mix called for I opted to experiment with a handy dandy can of Diet Fresca. Diet soda works wonders in cake mix, so I thought why wouldnt it work wonders in a pumpkin bread mix? I added in almost the whole can of soda (minus, what would probably be 2 sips) and stirred it all up. I added the contents to a Pam sprayed loaf pan and baked it off for 50 minutes.

The cake came out perfect. Moist and delicious although I will say this is more spiced pumpkin than regular pumpkin. You can definitely taste the spiciness in it because its right up there in the forefront. Its not as spicy as other pumpkin desserts can be (such as spiced pumpkin pie) but its definitely noticeable.

Since I made the bread with soda, a slice (1/12th) was only 130 calories.

Do you like experimenting with baking?

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