Baked Salmon for Dinner

5 years ago

A couple days ago my mom wanted to eat baked salmon. So my brother who works at a sushi restaurant decided to bring home the ingredients to make it. He brought home a whole salmon and my mom filet it. He also brought home a humongous tub of imitation crab meat mixed with mayonnaise, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.

To make baked salmon all you do is roll up the crab meat into a ball and then wrap it with thinly sliced salmon. Next you stick it in the oven after 5 minutes you put a little spicy mayo on the top and let it bake for 2 minutes. Once it turns golden brown you`re done. It really doesnt take long to make. The main preparation is filleting the salmon. Once you take it out of the oven and drizzle some eel sauce on top and voila it`s ready to eat. We at the baked salmon with rice. I mainly ate the salmon part bc it`s my favorite. I`m not too big of a fan of the crab meat. Lol

Do you sushi or baked salmon? What did you have for dinner?

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