Baked Omelette

5 years ago

Image is mine

The other morning, for breakfast, I made this deep pan omelette. I used 6 eggs, onions ( i love onions), celery, baby onions, green and red peppers and cheese (which I grated and put on the top.
I also added some milk, salt and pepper. So you scramble the whole mix in a pan then when it has cooked on the stove top, scramble some gratted cheese on the top and put it in the over for about 10 minutes on medium heat. Your whole kitchen will smell delish haha. Take it out and VOILĂ€ !

It was delicious and it is very healthy, i grease my pans with olive oil or margarine and rememeber that eggs are good for you, but in moderation there is a lot of cholesterol in them.

Happy Luuuxing

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