Baked Kettle Brand - Hickory Honey Barbecue Potato Chips

5 years ago

These chips are hands down one of my favorite variety in baked potato chips. Out of the number of flavors Kettle Brand has out there, the Hickory Honey Barbecue are the best in my opinion. The thing I like the most about these chips is that they`re flat and CRUNCHY. Whenever you typically purchase baked potato chips they`re not crunchy, they`re kind of dull because they`re not fried crisp. These give you that crunch and I don`t know what Kettle Brand does to them to make them that way, but whatever it is, I love it. I introduced myself to the Kettle Brand by purchasing their baked variety and then introduced myself to their regular brand potato chips and I can say I like them both, but I enjoy the baked a lot more. There are some flavors I enjoy more than others, but that`s a personal thing when it comes to chip flavorings, etc.

You surprisingly get a 1 ounce serving of these chips which equals roughly 20 potato chips. Not bad since the typical serving is usually around 12 and the stats (nutrition label) tend to be higher. Overall, it`s a great buy. These can be purchased typically at locations like Whole Foods and in the specialty aisle in your local market. I know in my local stores only some carry them (based on the health food demand in that area). But do take into consideration, the baked variety typically only carries 4 servings in the bag instead of 8-12 as with other potato chip varieties. So if you`re looking for a gigantic bag to share amongst friends, etc., then this may not be what you are looking for -- unless you purchase a few bags.

Have you tried Kettle Brand potato chips?

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