Baked Egg in an Avocado!

3 years ago

So I decided to be a little daring in my breakfast once upon a time and made something a little out of the norm.and the title of this post pretty much says it all. Recently Ive been going on an avocado kick, (seriously they taste so good!) and Ive been craving it and eating it like no other.

My favorite way to eat this delectable vegetable is cut up into chunks with salt, black pepper and a bit of lemon juice. Oh my lordy! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Since I had a couple more to use up I decided to look up something that I had heard of once before. And now let me tell you that I will practically try any food dish once, if it actually looks appetizing, without a complaint.

The link to the recipe that I followed is posted down below in case you were wondering! I obviously did not use the bacon that it called for in the recipe but I did pretty much follow it exactly.

It didnt taste horribly awful but I wont lie to you, it definitely was not my cup of tea. I dont know what exactly it was about the dish but it had a lot to do with the consistency of the egg itself. Im gonna be brutally honest with you kind of grossed me out. Just the fact that it was all runny and stuffs *shivers*. It just didnt sit with me very well. And the texture of the avocado itself changed as well. It was a lot more sturdy and not like its usual soft self.

Overall Im glad I had the experience of trying it but I most likely (will never) make it again. If you, however, decide that you want to go for it go ahead and let me know how it was down in the comment section!

*picture above is mine*

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