Baked Bacon Wrapped Mac amp Cheese

This was what we had for lunch today! I remember seeing this on one of those silly ads ABC makes you watch in between shows. It didn`t seem too hard to recreate, and I didn`t feel like following a recipe. This is so easy, tastes so good, and looks pretty cool :)

<strong>STEP 1:</strong>: Get a block of cheese and shred it. Put this in a sauce pan with butter, milk, and corn starch.
<strong>STEP 2</strong>: Meanwhile have some water boiling on the side for the pasta noodles.
<strong>STEP 3</strong> Once the sauce and pasta noodles are cooked. Cut the pasta noodles into smaller bits. Then mix it with the cheese. Put this aside.
<strong>STEP 4</strong>: Fry up four strips of bacon for every cup you want to make. Only fry it until lightly brown because you will be baking the bacon with the pasta later.
<strong>STEP 5</strong>: Get a small dish. Line the bacon strips so that it covers the bottom and sides of the dish. Make sure they`re even, and you have some bacon flopping out of the dish because you`ll need it to cover up the top.
<strong>STEP 6:</strong> Scoop some of the Mac and Cheese into the dish. Then cover the top with the parts of the bacon that were flopping out of the dish. Poke two toothpicks through to hold the bacon down.
<strong>STEP 7:</strong> Put this in the oven for 10 minutes at 325 degrees.
<strong>STEP 8:</strong> Wait about 5 minutes. Then pop them out of the dish, and you have yourself some Bacon Wrapped Mac and Cheese!

<em>What do you think of this lunch? Would you eat this?</em>

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