Baked Alaska

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers. Today I want to teach you a recipe that perhaps not everyone know about it. It`s a recipe for a sweet called Baked Alaska. It is a very delicious recipe and many products are not accurate, you need only:


6 unit (s) egg
2 cup (s) (tsp) sugar
1 tablespoon (s) (tsp) vanilla extract
2 cup (s) (tea) of wheat flour with yeast
1 cup (s) (tea) milk


suffice as the ice cream
baste as macadamia
baste as semisweet chocolate into small cubes


1 tablespoon (s) (tsp) lemon juice
1 cup (s) (tsp) sugar
150 ml of egg white

The form of preparation is also quite simple. You only need to follow these steps and you will have a delicious Baked Alsca:


Place in blender eggs, sugar and essence until well baunilha.Bata quadruple in volume.
Add milk and flour alternately.
Place on a nonstick cookie sheet and bake for light.
Unmold after cold and cut into large slices.


Mix all ingredients and bring in a water bath. Leave in a double mariaver video until melted sugar.
After mild melted sugar in mixer to beat until cool.


Place the paper on a movie round container, then place the slices of bread-cake.
Then fill with ice cream and then put the chocolate into small cubes and macadamia. Let leveled and very compact.
Then remove the excess bread-cake. Finally top with the bread-cake. Freeze for at least 4 hours.
Then cover with the Baked coverage. You need not be uniform.

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