Bake The Perfect Apple Pie!

2 years ago

I made an apple pie for Thanksgiving but decided to do it again for Christmas with some minor changes to see if it would come out better than before (there was some liquid at the bottom the first time around). So, on Christmas Eve, my Mom and I made the most delicious apple pie together!

-Pilsbury pre-made frozen pie crust
-7 or 8 mcintosh apples
-2 sticks of butter
-1 cup flour
-1 cup brown sugar

If you`re doing a pie crust that comes already in the pie dish, just take that out and let it come to room temperature. If you`re using pie crust that needs to be rolled out, let it come to room temperature and then spread it over your pie dish. I used a glass dish. Make sure the crust doesn`t get too thin when you roll it out!

Peel about 7-8 McIntosh apples. These apples work best for pies in general because they have the right flavoring and the right amount of juice when they cook. After peeling them, slice them using a slicer or knife if you don`t have a slicer) and place into a bowl. Make sure to keep out the cores and that all seeds are taken out!

Over the apple slices, sprinkle at least 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (I always add a little more since I like cinnamon) and then a dash of nutmeg. Mix among the apple slices and then place all the apples into the pie dish.

The topping is a crumb topping and takes a bit of elbow grease to make. Making sure that the butter is cold, add the two sticks, flour, and brown sugar into a bowl and then, using two knifes, begin `cross-cutting` the butter. Basically, keep bringing the two knives together in an X pattern to `slice` the butter up. It has to be cold, otherwise this won`t work! This is how you get the crumbs in the crumb topping. Eventually, after 5-10 minutes, the sliced butter should be crumbly and mixing a bit into the flour and sugar. When the mix is sufficiently crumbly-looking, simply add it to the top of the apples, covering the entire surface. Don`t be afraid to pile it high!

Bake the pie for 40-45 minutes on 425 degrees F on the middle or second-to-the-bottom rack depending on the heat of your oven (I`ve discovered this is really a trial-and-error thing with ovens, but the lower rack tends to work better). The pie should be done when the crumb topping begins to brown darkly.


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